Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to butterfly/drag click?

Yes, but we advise heavily against it as we WILL NOT unban users that were banned for doing so. Butterfly Clicking on certain mice can lead to double clicks (which is when a mouse clicks twice for 1 click), which we ban for. Drag clicking in most cases relies on double clicking, which we do not allow so avoid using it where possible. Butterfly/Drag click at your own risk.

My mouse double clicks lots. How can I avoid false bans?

DCPrevent (Double Clicker Prevent) is a tool created to combat this exact issue. Not using this tool alongside a double clicking mouse is a bannable offense. If you know your mouse double clicks (trackpads usually do this), please download this tool from here:

Am I allowed to use my mouse on Mythic?

Most likely yes. The only mice we ban for are mice with hardware designed to emulate clicks that are inhumanly possible, mice with attached software configured to replicate inhuman behaviour or mice that double click. Please keep all settings on default (EG do not change your debounce time) and use mice made by reputable companies to avoid these issues. This also includes using multiple inputs to click.

My sibling/friend just cheated at my house and now I cannot login. What can I do?

Open a ticket in our Discord. Our Administration team should be able to verify your claim and get you back on the network in no time.

A shared account I used is banned and I cannot join. What can I do?

Appeal on the forums. Do not use shared accounts or public alts to avoid this issue. We do not support or condone the use of account sharing or sharing of public alts and will be very strict in appeals. Support the developers and buy your alts directly from Mojang themselves if you wish to use one.

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