Network Rules

If you have any questions about our rules, please read our FAQ page here for more information. If you still need help, feel free to open a ticket on our Discord server!


Allowed Mods

The following list compiles every client modification permitted on the Mythic Network. If you are found to be using any modifications that are not listed here, you may be punished. To request that a modification be added to this list, please contact an Administrator. The currently permitted client modifications are as follows:
  • Lunar Client (Recommended)
  • Badlion Client
  • ToggleSprint
  • Rei's Minimap (Not Radar)
  • ArmorStatusHUD
  • StatusEffectHUD
  • DirectionHUD
  • bspkrsCore
  • PlayerAPI
  • Forge
  • Potion Counter Mod
  • KeyStrokesMod
  • TCPNoDelay
  • CPS Mod
  • Batty's Co-Ordinates
  • Schematica (Not Printer)
  • Fastchat
  • TabbyChat
  • Resource Pack Organizer
  • MotionBlurMod
  • Wings


These rules are enforced on all our platforms, including the forums and Discord and can result in bans or blacklists.
  • Do not use any unfair advantages. This includes but is not limited to Ghost Clients, X-Ray Resource Packs, AutoClickers / Macros, Double Clicking and Hacked Clients. This rule applies even to private lobbies/duels.
  • Do not evade active punishments. Doing so can lead to longer punishment times or even permanent punishments on your account.
  • Do not endorse cheating or assist cheaters in any way.
  • Do not misuse support channels.
  • Do not scam other users or participate in any fraudulent activity.
  • Do not participate in malicious behaviour. This includes but is not limited to; participating or eluding to any amount of DDoS/DoX attacks, posting private information in chat (e.g. IPs, names or home addresses) or linking IP grabbing links in any of our chats. This rule is taken very seriously and you will still receive punishments for jokes or posting fake information intended to look real.
  • Do not share accounts. This includes; selling accounts, giving away public alternate accounts and sharing an account in order to boost statistics.
  • Do not use a VPN.
  • Do not exploit any bugs or glitches.
  • Do not lie to staff. Do not lie to staff in any situation that you are involved in. Whilst in support room/ticket/appeal/application, you are expected to be completely honest. If you lie, it may result in a ban or blacklist.
  • Do not boost stats/sacrifice. Boosting stats refers to when a player allows another user to gain large amounts of stats due to letting them beat them. This counts for wins and ELO.
  • Do not team in FFA modes/exeed team limits. All FFA modes (including but not limited to UHC, Meetups, Events and KitPvP) do not allow teaming. Alongside this, you cannot team with other existing teams. This rule does not apply to private games though.
  • Do not stream snipe. Stream sniping is when you use information provided by another users public livestream (Discord Lives do not count) to gain an advantage.
  • Do not use inappropriate IGNs/Skins/Capes.


These rules are enforced on all our platforms, including the forums and Discord.
  • Do not mute evade.
  • Do not be toxic. This includes but is not limited to; racial slurs, insulting messages.
  • Do not harass players. This includes but is not limited to; sexual harassment, harassing players/staff and racism.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not advertise. This rule does not apply to content that solely promotes the Mythic Network.
  • Do not post NSFW content.
  • Do not encourage suicide/self harm.
  • Do not spoil. This refers to giving another user information that they would have no way of knowing unless you told them.
  • Do not threaten players with malicious intent. This includes but is not limited to; threatening DDoS/DoX, posting fake DoXs or eluding to a public DoX. Sending these threats will result in a chat-blacklist, even if fake/a joke, with no chance of appeal.
  • Racism is a Permanent Ban.
  • Homophobia is not tolerated and is punishable.


These rules apply on our Practice server(s).
  • Do not refuse to fight. This includes but is not limited to; constantly running loops around an arena to avoid fighting your opponent and continually ender pearling away from your opponent in order to avoid fighting.
  • Do not smurf to bypass restrictions. Using smurf (alt) accounts to play ranked more then you should is not allowed and will disqualify all your accounts from the current ranked season.
  • Do not use lower than 10 Debounce. Changing your debounce time is considered an unfair modification as it helps you click more CPS.


These rules apply on our UHC and Meetups server(s).
  • Do not refuse to fight. Refusal to fights refers to players that disobey the instructions of the UHC Host by not fighting. This includes, but is not limited to; staying underground or in a skybase after the 100x100 shrink and refusal to fight another player when assigned to a fight.
  • Do not skybase within 100x100. This rule does not apply for gamemodes like SkyHigh.
  • Do not IPvP. IPvP refers to deliberately damaging another player during the grace period. This includes but is not limited to; attempting to suffocate, drown or burn a player.
  • Do not stalk. Stalking is hindering a users ability to play by following/body blocking them, hindering their ability to play before PvP is enabled or hindering their ability to play while they are assigned a fight (whether by a host or scenario like Do Not Disturb).
  • Do not trap borders/portals.
  • Do not intentionally create lag machines. This includes but is not limited to; creating large lava walls, lava pyramids and cobblestone monsters in attempt to create lag.
  • Do not exceed the set team limit. This includes but is not limited to; cross-teaming whilst your teammate is still alive, cross-teaming with more players than the set team limit, explicitly working with another team in order to benefit one another, receiving/trading items from another team or to explicitly work with another team to kill a player.
  • Do not abuse bugs. This includes but is not limited to; abusing the F3+A function, use of F5 under lava, abusing view bobbing exploit in order to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Do not 9-live. This includes but is not limited to; joining on alternate account to re-roll your spawn (or set effects in some scenarios), joining a UHC on another account after dying on your original.
  • Do not intentionally boost statistics. This includes but is not limited to; intentionally benefitting another player, taking off your armor and sacrificing to another player

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