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    Suggestion Mega thread of suggestions

    Cool ideas, if you wanted to help Simply with implementing these things also include a description for why you think these are good ideas. Feedback in its best form is usually structured like this: Everything is exactly as it was before the merge, so I have no idea what this point is on about...
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    ɴᴇᴢᴛʀ'ꜱ ɪɴᴅʀᴏᴅᴜᴄᴛɪᴏɴ

    If you cheat more, you get banned.
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    Suggestion Announcement about clicking

    We announce it before games on Practice and have it on our Rules and FAQ page. If people are still not aware of what not to do that is on them...
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    Suggestion Evidence should be provided in appeals

    If we were to provide evidence on every single ban we ever do, this would mean that staff would spend most of their time either editing or uploading clips to use against people. We are not a court of law, we are a private entity. We reserve the right to remove anyone from our services for any...
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    Please open a conversation with me so I can provide you with your code
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    Thats just proof someone with your forums name won... You need to provide proof you own said account
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    Prove you won a season and you will receive your rewards
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    Suggestion //Reports On Forums//

    We have a reports section, as reports can be heavily varied making a template would not be that good of an idea.
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    Suggestion The UHC autosign system

    From what I have seen in my sparse hosted games and heard from current hosts, people hate assigning. It feels cheap to be assigned to users, especially towards the endgame as you have spent ~40 minutes getting to this point to just get thrown into glorified 1v1s. The calculations to score a...
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    Suggestion Gapple

    It is hard to take a mode people are comfortable with and change it. Imagine if McDonalds out of nowhere just changed the Big Mac to have 3 patties. If a change to such an iconic mode were to be made, it would have to be under its own kit (Gapple Lite) or not at all sadly.
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    Suggestion YouTube Colour

    This has been discussed internally lots but we landed on our current colour scheme as it makes every rank as identifiable by colour as possible (ranks sharing colours have italics for the more "important" rank). The discussion we are currently having is whether we rename YouTuber to Media to...
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    Suggestion Fix SG Tiering and Hunger

    We have our own consistent tier 1 and 2 system. All chests that get tier 2 loot will continue to do that in future games as well. I was just referring to the actual contents of chests.
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    Suggestion Fix SG Tiering and Hunger

    Hunger is 100% something I have tried looking into recently but it obviously needs to be tuned to deplete more. Regarding loot tables, it is not so easy to just "copy" another server. It is similar to asking me to copy Google search, most of the data for it is hidden and will never be known for...
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    Suggestion Remove chat cooldown.

    This is something I can probably look into, would just need to find a secondary method to stop most forms of spam from appearing.
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