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  1. xHurtinq

    New Year's Exclusive Events | Prizes

    This Saturday 5pm AEST events and tournaments will be held in celebration of a new year for mythic. You can expect to see a lot of prizes throughout the duration of the events including: Rank Giveaways Store coupons Custom prizes And much more! Make sure you join the events VC in the mythic...
  2. xHurtinq

    Christmas Exclusive Events | Prizes - Information

    Here is all the information you need to know about the upcoming Christmas Exclusive Events! Under each date, you will find all the information happening on that day. Note: Claim your prizes via ( in a support ticket with screenshot proof or a staff member vouch...
  3. xHurtinq

    UHC Changes | Scheduling & Prizes

    As most of you are aware the UHC scene is in a rough state. We've thought it best to look into the situation and have a hard think about what needs to be changed and these are the ideas that came forward. 💸 Prizes In compensation for the lack of updates, we have decided to add a prize system...
  4. xHurtinq

    Server Information

    Server IP(s): Socials: Youtube: Twitter: Events Twitter: Discord:
  5. xHurtinq

    UHC Stars System

    The UHC stars system is an easy way to quickly judge a player's skill and allows users to flex their stats! Stars are given if your "points" overtake a certain threshold. Every time you send a chat message your star level is posted next to it. Points are calculated with: 3 Deaths = 1 Point 1...
  6. xHurtinq

    UHC Scenarios

    All current scenarios used on the Mythic Network. All Crafting Scenarios: Each scenario contains a different set of custom crafting recipes to use. Use /crafts to view all of the recipes at any time! CutClean - Ores are pre-smelted, Food is pre-cooked, Flint/leather/feathers have 100% drop...
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