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Good afternoon viewers,

Most rational thinkers will agree that evidence should be provided in appeals. Mythic is the first server I've heard of that doesn't provide evidence for bans in appeals, and it is absolutely appalling to say the least. I've already heard all the counter-arguments from higher up staff as to why they don't show evidence, and they are mostly baseless and explained with the inadvertent use of numerous logical fallacies. Most active members of the community will agree that there is a prominent issue of false bans regularly occurring. So instead, I have created a 'strawpoll' to gather the community's opinion on this, in hopes it will aid this suggestion to force staff to upload evidence in appeals.
I ask that no staff members vote on this poll, as your vote will fall under bias due to practically being forced to agree with everything mythic does.

Kind regards,
+1 this would make punishments less confusing and give punished players a better look at the reason they were punished!
+1. But we know this will never happen. I’d bet my life there’s a good portion of bans that have no evidence whatsoever
I don't agree it's necessary. If someone appeals they check to make sure that the ban was false. This is proved by the amount of people who are unbanned after appealing. If your not unbanned, then it was either very very unlucky or it was not a false ban.
If we were to provide evidence on every single ban we ever do, this would mean that staff would spend most of their time either editing or uploading clips to use against people.

We are not a court of law, we are a private entity. We reserve the right to remove anyone from our services for any reason. Saying that, why would we do that? More players means quicker queue times, more donations and overall more enjoyment for everyone.

The reason why we do not show evidence (like most other servers, I have not heard of any practice servers that provide evidence in 2021 that is at all reputable) is because this means we can keep our detection methods secret. If we told everyone how we know they broke rules, they would know what not to do next time if they chose to break rules again.

It seems people think admins spend most of their time banning people for no reason and then denying them. Trust me, those people would not be admins for very long if that were the case. We have internal systems in place to stop most forms of staff abuse and admins often get a chance to cross examine specific use cases with others.

If you get banned and your appeal was denied, stop lying to yourself and just realize you are in violation of a rule (which you may not know about, so actually read our rules and FAQ) and we will not unban you.
getting sufficient evidence takes time, and by then the person could switch clients/toggle off and then they wouldn't get enough evidence to ban them

although it's not wrong, probably shouldn't do it right now at least
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