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Im sure your aware, [redacted ip] recently made a comeback with a suprise HCF SOTW, it was running quite smoothly and pulled in a large amount of players, bringing in the whole AU hcf community together and even bringing some over from mythic. I know i've asked before but hcf on mythic would be pretty cool. With Mythic's greater experience with server hosting and partnership with lunar, it could make a great map. Chuck in some paypal ftop rewards and that shit will get players aswell as buycraft sales.
pls do hcf xx
I have talked in detail about this in the past and can do so here but HCF is very unlikely on Mythic. I personally have never played and map and from past experience have never enjoyed any part of the process. High-quality maps take long amounts of time, massive monetary investments, and requires a massive and active staff team to manage which is hard to do, especially now that I have an IRL job.

Sorry, but if you wish to play HCF, you will have to play elsewhere.
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