Mythic AU HCF Beta Map Information

Hello everyone, welcome to the long-awaited AU HCF!

For those that don't know already, a few months ago Mythic merged with CavePvP, with that, players from Mythic started to play Fasts, from what I heard the players love how Fasts work, the gameplay style, however, one thing stood out, the fact that all of you had massive ping.

Therefore we'll be releasing AU HCF as an exact replica of CavePvP Fasts with certain changes.

AU HCF Differences from CavePvP Fasts
  • Removed the iMakeMcVids Kit
  • Removed all Owner Keys
  • Removed all Partner Keys
  • Removed all Partner Items (This is just all the ability items in Partner & Owner Crates)
We asked what you guys wanted in terms of ranks, what you guys requested is that you'd want the CavePvP ranks, reclaims, kits, perks, etc. on AU HCF however you wanted us to transfer Mythic ranks to CavePvP so here are all the equivalent ranks:
  • Noble -> Diamond
  • Epic -> Emerald
  • Legend -> Pearl
  • Divine -> Platinum
  • Mythic -> Holiday
AU HCF SOTW Information
  • Faction size is 8 mans, with 0 allies.
  • The map kit is Protection 2, Sharpness 2
  • KOTHs commence 2 hours and the capture time is 10 minutes.
  • F-Top Point Prizes:
    • 1st Place - $100 PayPal
    • 2nd Place - $50 Buycraft
    • 3rd Place - $25 Buycraft
  • F-Top Made Raidable Rewards:
    • 1st Place - $25 PayPal or $50 Buycraft
    • 2nd Place - $25 Buycraft
  • Event Schedule:
    • Citadel #1 - Sunday at 2 PM AEST
    • Nether Citadel #1 - Monday at 4 PM AEST
    • Citadel #2 - Tuesday at 4 PM AEST
    • Nether Citadel #2 - Wednesday at 5 PM AEST
    • Double Points (all points gained doubled) - Starts Thursday at 12 AM AEST ends at 11:59 PM AEST
    • EOTW - Friday at 2 PM AEST
For support, go or open a ticket in the Mythic Discord

As all updates regarding Fasts will be pushed over to Mythic, join for all updates regarding HCF.
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