Mythic's 3rd Birthday!


Three years ago today, Mythic (at the time known as Ausheroes) was publicly released. At the time, I had just turned 17 and had only run poorly developed and highly unstable hybrid servers of Factions and Creative. Obviously, over these 3 years, a massive amount of changes have been made to every aspect of the server to get it to where it is today.

While it is still fun to think about the past 3 years overall, I feel it would be more fitting to make this announcement be more of a "year in review" and go over some of the notable things that happened through this tough year (Some months are not included as updates during those months were more based around bug fixes and general improvements).
  • January - Sadly at the start of this year, massive bushfires hit Australia and an estimated 3 billion animals were either killed or displaced due to this tragedy. During this time we started selling cosmetics to help raise funds to support the frontline workers and those in need that were suffering from the fires. In the end, we managed to contribute $336 AUD to the Australian Red Cross Fire Relief which was a truly insane effort by the community.
  • February - This month probably held the last major update for the server while it was named AusHeroes, which was our partnership with the Lunar Client. This then allowed us to get our own cloak on their store, gave us exclusive access for a time to interact directly with the client and utilize their client-side AntiCheat while they included it.
  • April - Starting off the month, we rebranded to what you all know and love, NZHeroes. Swiftly after doing that for our April Fools joke, we rebranded to what you actually all know and love, Mythic. During this massive release (which sadly had many issues) we saw our Discord member count finally reach above 2000 and we reached our still untouched concurrent player record of 200.
  • May - This month held a massive spree of updates, with major ones spread out over 3 days, including new knockback, new maps, new events, new kits to queue for, and ending with the release of UHC Meetups. Other updates were also made through this update to ensure that our practice offerings were on par, if not better, with our counterparts in other regions.
  • September - Two cool things happened during this month. Starting off the month was the release of our very own Discord Bot, which brought lots more interaction into the discord and overall more flexibility with the platform, allowing us to really make our Discord server our own. The second update, which has been our largest update ever, was the Mythic 2.0 Release. This update included an unban all, the release of Kit Map, and major changes to our UHC and Practice modes.
  • November - While not large on the surface, this month probably held one of the largest technical upgrades the server has ever undergone. During this month we moved from our old dedicated server, which was getting old and unable to hold our current player counts, to a much newer and powerful one that was able to handle the loads.
  • December - This website, duh! We finally swapped from Enjin, which was slow and counter-intuitive, to a Xenforo based forums solution that comes with much more customizability. With our new website, we have been able to reform many parts of our applications and appeals processes alongside provide a much nicer user experience!
To wrap up this announcement, the Administration team has written some messages containing various memories, thoughts, and thank yous covering their time here.

I remember joining this community around November last year (Yes I'm a "2019 rand") During my time here I've met a bunch of amazing people, not just on the Staff Team but in the community as well. I'm glad to be apart of this community and glad to have met such kind people.

One of my favorite updates was probably the rebrand update, where we rebranded to Mythic. Although it had quite a few flaws on release, it didn't stop anyone from not joining again. Mythic allowed for more ideas to be put into play, such as one we hope to eventually release is a new region! While AusHeroes was great and all, it was made solely for Australian players. So with Mythic we aren't trapped in just a single region, it allows for us to expand to where ever we want.

Thank you everyone and happy 3 years!
I could go on and on about how happy I am with the staff team and how proud I am and whatnot, but I might as well keep it simple.

To the players, you reading this, thank you. Thank you for playing on the network and bringing that motivation to the higher ups to keep pushing out new ideas and gamemodes. Much love to you, and I hope to see you online :).
thx everyone that was close to me over the time i was staff u know who you are (then add a picture of walter here)
Wow, never thought I would make it to the Administration team but here I am currently 2 and a bit weeks of being an Admin the Mythic Network even though I've had some difficult times with this community. This year I've felt like I've grown and really put my all into this year even though this year hasn't been the best for Australia and even the world It's been an honor to be a part of such an amazing server, I'm just going to give a few shoutouts to the people that have made my 2020 on mythic a great time Garvoxy, Stynix, Rayzey, Kurotun, Sleeptoggled, Haileylgbt, Phoenixhero911 and even more people that I've probably forgot to mention, you all are amazing and beautiful people. Thank you for making Mythic that little bit better.
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even though i've only been staff for 11 days, i'd just like to say thank you all for making mythic possible. if it wasn't for you, the players, mythic would literally have no reason to exist. so thank you all so much and thank you for the warm welcome to my time here as a host. see you all in 1-2 years!
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