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Hello, I highly recommend having a button to report players on forums because when you have a lot of bugs/reports on discord it can get a little bit messy and you do not know what has been done and what has not. Also it keeps people more active which will attract other players.
I have seen other servers use this way and I think that it will be easier on most people. Then you would have simple questions like

: Name Hc0
: Place Kitmap
: Hack/Bug Reach, Fly, AntiKb
: Proof/Video

Then guidelines:
Evidence must be provided (Screenshots or video evidence).
Reports on players 5 days after they have been punished already will not be accepted.
Any provided videos must be under three minutes- providing timestamps of offenses in videos is very helpful.
Video evidence cannot be edited (slowing down the video, blurring things etc.)
Offenders username must be visible in the provided evidence.
All recordings must be made with a screen-capture software and uploaded online. It can't be a download.

We have a reports section, as reports can be heavily varied making a template would not be that good of an idea.
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