Suggestion The UHC autosign system

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I believe we should have a system that will automatically assign players to fight when border reachers to 100x100, it will prevent people from trying to cross-team, players who are understacked having a fighting chance, not having a biased Staff member, and not being able to get cleaned. Also, it's less work for the Staff team for trying to organize whos fighting who.
I +1 this suggestion however, Rather than an auto assign system that is complete rng it either could be based of kt to determine who is more stacked but I would prefer it be a do not disturb system. So rather than assigning people that could result in the most stacked player getting assigned with the least stacked player a do not disturb factor could be added in. With Do Not Disturb this allows someone to fight another player knowing they wont get cleaned or interfered with. This would also make players fight more and no standing around not fighting.
From what I have seen in my sparse hosted games and heard from current hosts, people hate assigning. It feels cheap to be assigned to users, especially towards the endgame as you have spent ~40 minutes getting to this point to just get thrown into glorified 1v1s.

The calculations to score a users performance would also be wildly inaccurate (unless taken from past games as well) and would most likely result in poor matchups being made.
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