Website 2.0!


Hello everyone, welcome to the new website!

It has been a long time coming to finally get a custom solution to handle our web stuff and we are finally there! Here is just a small list of the cool new stuff we can do now...
  • Load times improved! No more waiting 10 seconds to load each page.
  • New theme! Marvel at the lovely look of the new website!
  • Massive improvements to signup and login processes. No more headaches to get signed up.
  • Cleaned up the application and appeal process. No more ugly forms or needing to create a thread to post an appeal!
  • Trophies! Grind activity on the forums to gain trophies that unlock new tags for you to flex!
  • Customizable profiles! Set up your profile with your Twitter, Twitch, Discord, and YouTube account!
  • FAQ + Rules 2.0! Massive cleanups to our rules and FAQ to allow users to easily find important information.
  • New forum sections with tags! Easily let people know your new suggestions, show off your videos, and submit applications!
  • And much much more!
We hope you enjoy this new website and the massive amount of community interaction this allows us to do!
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